Knox Presbyterian Church has many different and unique areas within its church walls that offer room to host a variety of different gatherings and events! 
From its beautiful and historical Sanctuary filled with many stained glass windows, high ceilings and a wrap around balcony,
to its Church Hall that has an attached full kitchen to make hosting large gatherings easy and enjoyable!

If you would like to inquire about renting any of the different areas within our church, please contact us here!


Church Sanctuary

Knox Church Sanctuary was built in 1868 and has amazing architectural design. The high ceilings produce amazing acoustics that can be enjoyed from the main floor or the balcony. The choir loft features a magnificent organ and the main floor has a grand piano as well as a drum set to bring the music alive! There are many stained glass windows within the church sanctuary as well.


Knox Chapel - Located upstairs with beautiful stained glass windows.

Kitchen - Fully equipped with 2 ovens, 2 stovetops, multiple sinks, fridges and counter space!

Upstairs Sunday School Classrooms - Where the children attend Sunday School. 

Nursery - Located upstairs, the nursery is equipped with toys, cribs and more!

Lower Level Hall - Located in the basement, offers multiple rooms and a small kitchen.

Knox Parlour - Located on the main floor, just down the hall from the Sanctuary.

Main Hall - Large area for gatherings, connected to the kitchen. Tables & Chairs available.

High School Classroom - Where the high school students gather during the church service.

Library - Offering books for all age groups, movies and CD's! Come and check it out!

Lower Level Classrooms - Where the children attend Sunday School.