Sunday Services

Our Audio Visual Committee is looking for more people to volunteer to join our team to help with audio, video or Powerpoint. We will train as required. This volunteer work is also eligible toward one's high school volunteer hours. Our team rotates each Sunday so you might only be on duty once a month or so. Contact the church office at 519-291-4690 or one of the AV Committee members; Paul Dekker, Jason Drumond, Al MacKay or Blair Burns. 

Opportunity Sale

The Opportunity Sale at Knox Presbyterian Church in Listowel, Ontario takes gently used items from homes and sells them in a big sale! Items include furniture, appliances that work, antiques, crafts, pictures, books, plants, clothing, shoes, baby items, linens and more! All proceeds go to where they are needed, which is decided by the Board of Managers. 

This is always held during the first weekend in May. Friday from 5:00 - 8:00pm and Saturday 9:00am - 1:00pm, both inside and outside of the church.
(Set up starts on the Sunday prior to the sale. Please contact the office if you which to help out!)

We welcome anyone who wants to have a lot of fun and meet new people! WE have a coffee break both mornings and afternoons each day! If you have any questions, please call 519.291.2396

Knox Gardens

Under the guidance of the Board of Managers, the committee consists of Bobbi Jo Stewart. Beth Purcell. Sandra Boertien. & Donna McMillan.

Fletchers Landscaping helps look after our Spring Clean up, as well as Keeso Lumber (Richard & Anne) supply us with mulch. With the help of volunteers we work throughout the summer maintaining the beds, but our volunteer numbers have dwindled - we are always looking for volunteers to help us weed the beds!

We have full plans for the front of the church. (phase 2) but it will not be started until the work on the Stain Glass windows has been completed.

Thank you to everyone who has kindly donated financially or “physically” giving their time helping with the Gardens!

Turkey & Pasta Suppers

Pasta Supper: The Opportunity Knox Pasta Supper is held in April and offers a meal of soup, salad, pasta and dessert.  High School students looking for volunteer hours are welcome to come help with serving and cleanup.  Money raised goes back into the church towards the library, gardens, decorating or wherever the needs are. For more information, please contact the office.

Turkey Supper: The Board of Managers Turkey Supper is held in November and offers a delicious Turkey Dinner. Tickets are sold prior to the event and can be found following the service in the main hall or at the church office. Please contact the church office if you have any questions!

Over 90 Birthday Party

The over 90's party is to honour those people in the congregation who are 90 years and more. Last year there were 3 over 100! Because many of them are no longer able to get to church it is a combination celebration social event.  We always have some form of musical entertainment and cake & ice cream it is sponsored by the Session so most of the people helping are Session . Volunteers are needed for transportation and we rely on family members if they are available. The party is held in mid June at the church.