Kirk Session

Current List of Session Members (2018)

Douglas Aitchison
Mary Lynne Ament
Don Bateman
Pat Berfelz
Marion Bristowe
Jim Brooks
Blair Burns
Grace Burrough
Alan Cleland
Ethel Corry
James Corry
Rae Fischer
Colleen Gibson
Don Gibson

Brian Hamilton
Marsha Hamilton
Don Harrison
James Henderson
Kelly Henderson
Clarian Hood
Doug Johnston
Paul Karges
Sue Knowlton
Anneke Krueger
Alan Mackay
Chandra Martin
Earle Mayes
Christina Nauta

Julie Newbigging
Jack Porterfield
Brian Purcell
Elizabeth Schinbein
Nancy Schneider
George Sjaarda (Clerk)
Bobbi-Jo Stewart
Paul Stewart
Laura Tryssenaar
Rod vanEngen
Dorothy Vint
Dereck Ward


The Board of Managers

About the Board of Managers

It is the task of the Board of Managers to look after the business side of Knox Presbyterian Church. We are blessed in this time of waning congregations to have a healthy church with contributions to cover our expenses and obligations. The house of God that we look after is a beautiful, historical building, however it requires a lot of attention to maintain it's structural designs.

Some projects that the Board of Managers cover are as follows:
• Roofing Issues such as leaking.
• Repairs of Windows and Doors.
• Repairs of Heating and Electrical

The Board of Managers are currently seeking Sunday School Teacher Volunteers, Audio and Visual Operators and more members to join the board!

Current List of Board of Managers (2018):

Ivan Suggitt - Chair
Bobbi-Jo Stewart - Secretary

Jim Brooks
Joanne Brown
Betty Bannerman
David Bennett
Pam Jackson
Mike Boneschansker


Earle Mayes
Doug Johnston
Paul Dekker
Bobbi-Jo Stewart
Donna McMillan


Jim Spence
Jason Drummond
Willem Kreuger
Ivan Suggitt